Petit Trois- Le Valley

Petit Trois- Le Valley

June 22, 2018 0 By shantalisms

Sherman Oaks has definitely been gentrifying right at Woodman and Ventura. For years I lived right about there and of course when I decide to move all of these amazing eateries start to pop up all over the place. My personal favorite location is The One Up – one of the best barcades with great food and drinks! Best of all, the arcades are FREE! Anyway, this post isn’t about The One Up, it’s about Petit Trois Le Valley. Their original location is in Hollywood and this location recently opened up in Sherman Oaks. Naturally, we called a girl’s night out to have a food adventure!

I was really excited to check out the Big Mec – a highly touted burger! Check out this article breaking down the most decadent burger:

I am a HUGE burger lover, so once I read that article it was “challenge accepted!” But before I get into the food, here are some details I want to point out to you:

  • Petit Trois has valet parking, but there is ample street parking along Ventura Blvd. Meters turn off at 8pm
  • Petit Trois won me over by including the following details into their menu

  • The restaurant is pricey, but it wasn’t too bad. We were a party of 8 and with appetizers, entrees, dessert and some drinks we paid $60/pp


I have HUGE gripes about the tipping culture in the United States, and this right here made me the happiest person ever. FINALLY, a restaurant that understands their worth and doesn’t rely on people’s charity to pay their employees. Seriously though, since when has it become a requirement to tip??? And why do we take a percentage from the total bill?? There are many questions that don’t have answers… but moving along to the food!

We started with appetizers. The photograph above is of the avocado shrimp. It was good with a nice spicy kick to it. Was it the best shrimp I had? No, but the presentation was great! Other items I had that weren’t photographed: the string beans strawberry salad was to die for!!!!!!!

Then came my $25 burger. I’ll admit that I asked for the fois grois sauce on the side since I don’t condone that kind of animal cruelty, so I didn’t taste the burger as it should have tasted.


The burger was cooked perfectly- medium rare with a soft brioche bun. It was a GOOD burger. Was it worth the $25? Was it the best burger I’ve had? No to the latter, and maybe to the former. Having been a business owner, I understand costs so I won’t bash the price of the burger. However, would I order it again? No. Why, you ask? Well, just like the above article states, it had limited vegetables. I actually like lettuce, onions and tomatoes in my burger. The pickle relish was amazing but there was so little of it 🙁 I don’t want to discourage you to try the burger, since everyone has different taste buds!

I’ll tell you what WAS amazing: DESSERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Being a bakery owner ( , I am a bit of a dessert snob. My friends surprised 4 of us by ordering birthday desserts to celebrate our quadruple birthdays. We had the apple tart, the chocolate mousse and the Paris Brest. OHHHHH, Paris Brest!!!!!!! You have stolen my taste buds. I’m a sucker for hazelnut and this was hazelnut HEAVEN!

As for girl’s night out- they say a picture speaks a thousand words, so I’ll leave these gems with you. I’ve been friends with these girls since I was in kindergarten.

Have you been to Petit Trois??? What did you think? Leave your comments below!